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If you are looking for a better than average weekday or weekend event, look no further! Escape the Room is a mind-bending, fast-paced, real-time game, where a team of individuals take a crack at solving a puzzle that becomes more and more challenging as time progresses. Escape The Room is an out of the box, exciting event that men and women enjoy throughout the year.


Whether you are creating a social event with friends, celebrating a birthday or retirement, or building comradery with a team within your company or management group, Escape The Room is for everyone!


Escape The Room is an adventure series that was designed and developed by designers, theme park engineers, creatives, and puzzle designers, who create in room puzzles for groups to solve. These puzzles range from finding hidden objects to using a given object in an unconventional way.

Each puzzle is different, and each puzzle will be solved at various rates depending on how well you and the team work together.

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