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Your birthday is coming up, and you might be wondering what to do for one of the most important occasions of the year. Of course, there are house parties, restaurants, and bars, but if you want a really exciting experience where every single one of your guests, including yourself, is guaranteed to have fun, Escape The Room is the perfect birthday choice!

Birthday parties at Escape The Room are more of an experience than anything else. When you choose your date and are ready to book a room, a fun addition is to dress a birthday group in a theme. Your friends and family can choose anything from pirate themes to flappers, it’s truly up to you!

What   you   can   expect   from   an
Escape   Room   birthday

Like any event at Escape The Room, you and your birthday crew will have a set time of 60-minutes to solve the puzzle located within your room. There will be objects, clues, maps, riddles, and more, all inside the room, ready for you to crack the case. All you need is teamwork, critical thinking, a fun attitude and you will be out of the room with time to spare.

With multiple room options, you can plan the perfect evening for yourself, a friend, or family member. Simply contact our team about your special event and we’ll help plan the best party ever.

There are plenty of ways to celebrate, but we like the idea of a unique way to get together and have lots of fun.

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